Great tips for when you are waiting in the airport

Waiting in the airport can be some people’s worst nightmare because it can look like the most boring place on earth. However, it does not have to be like that once you know what to do. There are a number of things you can do to keep yourself busy while you wait for your flight. Here are some ideas that you ought to try out.


Shop Till You Drop

Take advantage of the duty free at the airport while you have free time. You can even get some staples if you are flying back home so you do not have to rush to the grocery once you arrive. Duty free and other stores at the airport usually do not have tax which means regular items are much cheaper than normal. You could also go window shopping around these shops to pass the time while waiting if you are not in the mood to buy anything.

Get Compensated

If you are waiting in the airport because of a flight delay, well you should learn whether that flight delay entitles you to get compensation. You can get compensated for a number of things, such as lost and damaged luggage. You can visit Airclaim to learn about when you can get compensated by the airline. Another bonus is that they will help you get compensated if you need help and want it done quickly!

However, you should be aware that the airline has specific regulations and rules when it comes to giving compensation. The situation has to have certain details before you are entitled to get any compensation. For instance, you might have to wait for more than 3 hours before claiming compensation for a flight delay – even a minute less than 3 hours can keep you from getting compensation. However if you notice that your flight delay circumstances entitle you to get compensation, you should totally get it!

Take a Nap

You can catch up on some sleep if you want to do other things on the plane like watch series on your phone. You can try your best to sleep on the chairs at the airport (hopefully you brought a neck pillow) but it can be difficult since the chairs are not comfortable and there is a lot of noise at the airport. If you can, try to get access to the airport lounge because the chairs are comfier and it is quieter there too.

Make a Friend

If you are at the airport and sitting and notice some people who are waiting for the same flight as you, you can try to talk to them to help pass the time. Meeting new people is a fun way to make time fly while potentially making connections and lifelong friends! You would be surprised who people know and what they like so you might end up being great friends afterwards. The worse that someone could do is shrug you off, so there is no harm in trying to say hello.

Say goodbye to boredom at the airport when you try out any of the ideas above!